Migrate Account Away from the Scaffoldly Organization

This document details how to move an AWS account that was created by Scaffoldy to be a standalone root account or to migrate an account to a different AWS Organization

Scaffoldly will still be able to automate and assist with infrastructure and code deployments

You can complete these steps after 7 days after your account was first created, due to AWS Organizations rules.

Get your Account Email Address

You can find it on the Scaffoldly Dashboard

Go to the AWS Sign In Page

Sign in with your account email address

Click 'Forgot Password'

Check the 'Forwards Email To' email account for the Password Reset instructions

Log into the AWS Console and go to AWS Organizations

Click "Leave Organization"

Follow the prompts and provide your billing information

Go back to AWS Organizations and click "Leave Organization"

Your AWS account is now under your own control and billing!

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